So, on Uttour world here are the things you need to know. You can be or do anything. There is so much history that nearly everything and anything has already been done. You sit upon a world that has gone through hundreds of thousands of years of civilization. Rising and falling, empires spanning the world and disappearing over night. Gaint citys, shadowlands in perpertual twilight where the undead gather, devils whispering dark secrets into the ear of a genius, crashed alien ships with exotic cargo, and forrest so deep that one might acciently slip into the fey wild, it’s all here. So be your a Knightly warrior clad in gleaming armor, or a cyborg wizard the world has a excuse for you to be there.

So here are some helpful suggestions!

Keep it fun, if a rule is too hard to remember, we’ll fluff it and make something eaiser to remember. That being said.
SKILLS – use em. I will allow your characters to ‘buy’ bonus points in skills during their downtime by going to classes, getting a tutor, books, something anywho the GP cost depends on the bonus.
+1 = 200 GP
+2 = 800 GP
+3 = 1800 GP
+4 = 3200 GP
+5 = 5000 Gp

Here are some other things your characters can do during down time
Downtime Activities

Add Spells to Your Spellbook
Craft Magic Items
Craft Mundane Items
Earn Capital
Earn XP
Gather Information
Heal Others
Replace Your Animal Companion
Replace Your Familiar
Recruit for an Organization
Research a Spell
Research Facts and Lore
Run a Business
Scheme for an Upcoming Adventure
Train an Animal


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