Uttour World

Kikefoo's Labority

The Shadow Labs

After having explored and cleared most of the underground lab our heroes, Durros, Mohelius, Nobody and Ontario attempted to enter the Master Bedroom of the wizard Kikefoo. Mohelius attempts to open the door triggered a magical trap that triggering his deepest fears. He fled the complex in terror screaming wildly about vanilla ice-cream, possibly some childhood trauma.. As he neared the edge of the courtyard the affects of the magic wore off and regained his faculties.

The party convened in the courtyard where (Hey Nicole what’s your characters name again?) had finished erecting a secure camp and likely roasting cockatrice. While the others regrouped, and rested ‘alittle’, Nobody and Nicole went to furture explore the complex. Being a Nicole is a fearless paladin she thought she might fare better with the trap, though Nobody was cautious of the situation.

Before her fearlessness could be tested, the plight of the shadow ladies in the jars was prominent on her mind. She wished to hear them out and if possible free them. Nobody was quite adimantly opposed to this idea and a impromtu intreigation insued. Here we learned that our ladies in glass are beings known as Shae (knowelege Planes DC 14)


(sword not included)

The Shae told of a magical object known that the Umbral Crystal that the wizard was using in pursuit of his dream, that the crystal, a pair of loyal shadow beast and the realm they inhabited were stolen from them and they imprisoned in the binding jars for use in future experiments. Also that a key would free them but they know not exactly where it is. Our heroes return to the trapped door to look for the key with the intent of considering freeing the Shae.

Inside the room our duo found an aged and moldy room, with very little in the form of salvage, until a hidden room was discovered a hidden shrine dedicated to the Wizard Kikefoo’s young daughter who was tragically lost. After going though rambling notes, and journals it was discovered the wizard was somehow trying to use the realm of shadows – ‘shadow stuff’ itself to recreate reality or atleast alter it and also corroboration with the claims of the Shae that they were kidnapped. Though this was understood our heroes had not the knowledge to understand any of the technical arcane information. It was also discovered that the head in the jar is Kikefoo’s lead partner and mundane science expert Aemon.

From there they went to the lab and after alittle investigating found the umbral crystal, as well as a way to communicate with Aemon.

After conversing with AEmon our protagonist, Nobody the murder elf and Robin ‘my hearts’ a throb’n’ the pally, learn that the complex was on a verge of a break, though he expressed doubts over Kikefoo’s grasp on sanity, his research was sound all the same. Though everything came to a halt when mercenaries arrived one day and stormed the complex. He doesn’t know what happened as he was hidden in the storage room moments before all hell broke loose.

Other things of note being that they were researching ways of making shadow stuff material, as well as making tracts of the shadow realm usable for people. Also that they used the shadowbeast for reaserch and experimentation, and would likely be extremely dangerous if encountered. No mention was given of what happened to his body.

After much discussion it was resided to explore the “Shadow Overlay Harmonizer” Room. The barred door was opened, the hallway lit up with a brilliant incandescence. Beyond a short hall they light spilled out onto a rambshakle room. Shattered crate wood, old hay and moldering bones litter the floor. Metal topped tables line the wall, supported by sandstone carved from the very heart stone. Near the middle of the room where just the edge of the lights spilling out of the hallway extend is a row of dilapidated crates, from behind the sound of a rolling glass container could be heard. Upon taking in the lay of the room, with Nobody standing ready in the hall, Robin firebombed a stack of crates from which they heard the noise behind with oil bombs. From out of the flaming wall burst a Shadowbeast!


A mighty battle ensued and the combined forces of Robins Holy might and Nobody’s raw power, overcame the fearsome Shadowbeast, whos essence was absorbed into the Umbral Crystal in Robins pack.

With the threat removed further exploration of the room was found a machine that seemed to be some kinda doorway. Having survived this ordeal the two decide to return to the courtyard and explain all they have learned to the rest of the group. As they approached the camp through the open door they saw the other party members facing out towards with woods with upraised hands.

Outside the party was surprised by a large band of Halfling Hound Riders, who are acting as hired sword none other than Kikifoo’s own nephew. Claiming legal right over the lab all that was in in. Robin torn by her ethics tossed the crystal of Nobody who immediately ran to the, Shadow Overlay Harmonizer, inserted the Umbral Crystal into it socket and was enveloped in a burst of shadow……


Burton Burton

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