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A story deep in History and Mystery, set on the world of Uttour, an earthish planet with three orbiting bodies, the moons Alistra [NG], the smaller, Dark Sister [LE] and the strange disk known as The Table of Morndouth [N]. The planet itself is a lush, fertile, dynamic, yet extremely dangerous world.

“This is shaky ground my friend. One can walk 200 leagues one way, and find a whole new landscape on ones return. Stability is a rare and precious thing” – Kila Startrust, owner of ,Adventure if Ye Dare, social club located in the Dalwart Downs district of White Rock.

The adventure of this world will focus, for now, on the lands of the Southern Decimation located on the southwestern shore of the Melador land mass. The Key city of this whole region is the massive tower city of Whiterock. Hard won a mere 64 years ago, a alliance of the low folk of the Southern Decimation, wretched from the gnolls that terrorized and enslaved the area for centuries. The region as a while is dynamic with stretching mountain ranges that go on for thousands of miles, vast prairie lands with endless forest and fertile wetlands.

Though this landscape is not as it was some 600 years ago. A massive calamity shattered the land, the mountain ranges and frequent earthquakes are the aftermath of this violent event. The loss of life on that day would stagger the mind, the death that followed would forever stain the souls of the survivors. All suffered, it was a time of great chaos. After a few hundred years peace began to creep back into the world and life returned to a state of normalcy. The low races united, the High races (the clever giants), rebuilt their cities but remain secluded, and the Dragons carry on as they are want to do.

The land is beautiful and rich with life, but full of danger. Large hungry beast stalk the land above and below. The seas and skies host all manner of death. Giants stride the land, proud and uncaring, focused on their own agendas, rarely is the interaction between the low folk and large folk benevolent. Dragons, though thankfully rarely seen, are always a threat and rightfully some of the most feared creatures on all of Uttour.

If all the other dangers of the world weren’t enough. Wizards and witches making pacts with evil powers for their own gain, alchemist making monsters in their basements, priest of evil raising armies of the dead to destroy those that oppose them, mad artificers building giant robots to make all those fools that laughed at his genius suffer! But the pay is nice.

“So, why on Uttour would you step one foot out of the biggest thickest deepest tower in all of Whiterock?! Your reasons are your own, and the world is yours to explore, there are treasures out there, fame and fortune, people will pay you just to tell them about the things you’ve seen. I tell ya, this life will kill ya one day, but damn it if I don’t love every moment of it!” – Nickleback Jack, Famed Adventurer.

Adventure abounds in the Southern Decimation. Lost cities, ancient treasure, beast, and the undead menacing newly formed settlements, even in the depths of Whiterock.

Since we are in Whiterock, and talking about adventure. Lets talk about agents and bounty boards. If you want to go through request for adventures like yourself from people wanting to throw money at you to do things they themselves can’t or won’t go check out the bounty board. Take it a step further and hire yourself an agent, that can find you high paying clients who might need you from time to time for special mission, but then again, you can just load up your gear, get some mules and head out to the big yonder and find your own adventures!

Uttour World

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